Sweets Blossom 圭太編 After story – あの制服の使い方

There’s one more track to go before I finish Sweets Blossom Keita After Story! YAY!! This is a long project…phew~

If you’re wondering what’s my next project would be……*drums roll*

I’ll be doing one of my favorite seiyuu’s work – イヌ科ダーリン 戌井惣介!!! OH MAN! This is just too cute to ignore especially when the seiyuu is  佐和真中!! *nosebleed*

Until then!


Warning: This consist of R-18 scenes (you know the drill~ :D)

Also, this is not 100% translation. If there’s any mistake, please point it out to me. 🙂 Enjoy!

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