[Sneak Peak] お付き合いのカタチ 西島佑太


Track 1

Oh…Morning! You’re early!

The bus is able to arrive here at this timing is great isn’t it?

That’s right, the barbecue from previous was fun isn’t it?

Although the fact that I made it there was surprising.

I was working part-time in morning.

That’s right, the family restaurant.

Although I wasn’t on the shift, the shop manager wanted me to be there no matter what…

Yeah…that’s right. I haven’t really slept at all which made my face look bad.

You’re lying, u didn’t notice? Are you serious?

But it was so fun that I forgot that I was tired.

When I got home, I fell asleep immediately.

But I’m glad that I went. My family are staying away from me so I missed that kind of moment.

Although I was tired but I wanted to go no matter what…

Because I heard you were coming…

I’m heading to my class which is this direction. You are heading to the building 2 right?

Then it’s that way huh?

What’s the class you’re having after this?

I see. Then once your class is over, I will head over.

Yeah, that’s something I would like to talk to you about…then I will see you later…

Thank you for your hard work. So how was the class?

The lecturer’s speed is really fast and you won’t be able to write everything down in the note in time right? I took this class last year, so if you are troubled, let me know. Ah…I didn’t ask you over to talk to you about this.

It’s a bit tough to talk about it here…is it ok if we head out?

Over here….

Ah…this is bad. I’m really nervous…no, there’s nothing….

Ok. Sorry to call you out so suddenly. No matter what, I wanted to tell you something …I like you…it’s not a like as a friend. I meant it the special way of like. Would you like to go out with me?

Eh? Really?

I’m glad…yes!

I was really nervous that I thought my heart almost stopped. Truthfully, during the barbecue, I thought of telling you but everyone is there so the timing wasn’t right.

You’re meeting your girl friends for lunch right? Yeah, I’ll return back to the classroom.

Are you meeting anyone when you are heading home later?

Then…let’s go back together? Yeah. Text me once you are done. Then, I will see you later.


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